Monday, October 26, 2009

Flea Market Style: Weekend Treasures

I had a trillion things to do this weekend however the weather did not off treasure hunting I went...and BOY, OH BOY...did I hit PAY DIRT...check out my finds. Some are for you and some are for me....yes, I believe in sharing...LOL. I actually got more stuff but I only had a couple of minutes to take some pics...other items included chenille comforters, dishes, two cool little dolls beds just ideal for your little pooch, huge armoire painted a minty green and a dresser with old stenciled roses...nice and chippy the way we like let me give the low down....

Here is just a snap shot of a really great rocker, fantastic green chippy wedding basket (45.00 dollars), huge ornate picture frame with awesome white paint (35.00 dollars) and other treasures

Look at that super cute milk can with strawberries...can see the rocker better in this pic...has green peeking through the paint as well. Love the statue as well....

I got two vintage quilts (they will probably be priced at 30.00 each) and this decanter set, with a leather case, has 4 bottles and little silver shot glasses for each flask...I thought it would make a great Christmas gift.

Neat old quilt rack (35.00 dollars)...chippy white paint...I think these are great in the bathroom to hang your bath cute is that idea! Functionality and shabby decor all in one...that little black, and I mean little, luggage rack (21.00 dollars) would be perfect in your bathroom to sit your white towels!

This mirror is HUGE...I'm thinking this might be a keeper! It may replace my bathroom vanity mirror...the one in my new house! Nothing like builder grade mirrors...boring and generic...however, I've seen them where you can add vintagey moulding around the edges and VIOLA instant eye candy!

Lastly is the cute little mantel...I mean little...perhaps three feet wide by 4 feet tall
BUT LOOK at the COLOR and the chippy paint...OH, I just had to have it...wasn't cheap either but sometimes a little splurge is worth it!

It's going in my new house..see the pic below and just imagine...that's the previous owners mirror and envision looking at this little cutie fits just PERFECT! Love it! Okay, I know, I know, the paint colors gotta go...all in good time my blogger friends.

Hope you liked my finds...let me know what you did this weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flea Market Style: Let's have a Party!!

Flea Market Style is hosting a neato torpedo flea market party. They want to see all your treasures you've acquired from your weekend flea marketing, thrift shopping, and tag or yard sales ventures. So, every Monday all participating flea marketeers are going to have a show and tell....why Monday's you say...well, most of us do our hunting on the weekends! These will be treasures that have recently been acquired or long-time loves...they want to see them all! So, hop on over to every Monday to see who is participating and get ready to drool over some amazing finds. ....of course, you know the ShabbyVilla will be participating!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The QUEEN of Shabby Is BACK!!!

In January 2009 I was deeply sadden to learn Rachel Ashwell filed Chapter 11 and closed her Shabby Chic me it was a true indication that no one was immuned from the recession. But my blogger friends....the Queen of Shab is back! On October 20th she opened the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store at 117 Mercer Street New York and still has the location in Santa Monica. And look at her new lines of furniture...spectacular!

I just wish I lived close enough to visit her gorgeous stores! Until I can make the trip to NY, I'll get my fix by buying her new book.

Hope you have a wonderful day...its a gorgeous FALL day here in Virginia!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Show & Tell...Some of my Favorite Things!

I'm in the process of purchasing a new home and occasionally walk around to see what will make the move or are a couple of items I think are keepers. This transition from one home to the next will take some time since I will in all likelihood sell my current home (this is the house you see flashing when you visit our store...yes, its an 1885 Victorian Farm house, with a guest cottage, pool, potting shed, outbuildings all surrounded by 6 acres of gorgeous land) So, I'll maintain two homes for right now...YIKES am I crazy? But this need for a second home is being necessitated for several reasons which are somewhat personal and complicated...I will go into that another time. This has been a very difficult decision but one that I think will in the long run make my life more content. So, here are some items that I think will make the move:

I adore chippy paint so these will make the cut....

I also love pictures...I don't think I have a wall where you can actually see the Look at these pretties! The first two are hand painted water colors.I also cannot get enough of signs or advertisement pieces...the tea room sign is HUGE, probably 4 feet long. This pic really does not do it justice. The smokers sign I bought last weekend..I'm not a smoker but I just love the look of used to be in an old movie theater. Anything with rust is typically a keeper as well. Look at this galvanized tote...I had the little grey flower pots and they just goes perfect with the tote don't you think?
I recently bought a slipcovered couch and half a chair with the most amazing light linen taupe color. Here is the chair that goes with see the taupe in the fabric? The slipcovered couch is the solid taupe you see in the fabric color...both the couch and chair are in storage until my move.

Here are some lamps I've collected along the way...I also have some alabaster ones that will look incredible with my new sofa and chair. Other items...look at this vintage bookend with the Victorian woman at both ends! I bought it to sell but it still resides in my bedroom!

Can a girl have too many friend Kelli named her Maryann Margaret. Look at the vintage swimming cap...just FAB!

Love chalkware..these two plaques are so unique! I've never seen a set like these...I gotta tell you I have quite the collection of chalkware. Some will stay and some will go...
Barkcloth purse...YUMMY!

So, that's it for now...I'm working diligently every night to get ready for a show this weekend! Hope you have a great day!