Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Shopping Till I Drop!

In my never ending quest to find the perfect treasures for my customers, I spend almost every weekend scouring flea markets and antique malls in addition to driving countless miles to auctions and estate sales. Along the way, I always manage to find a trinket or two that I just can't live without...needless to say, they now adorn my house! Okay, everyone...I'm trying to do my part to keep the economy!

But really, I'm preparing for an upcoming show the first weekend of May, so my treasure hunting has really intensified! This is a big show so I need lots of's always nice to have an array of items to display. Anyhow, along my travels I've picked up a couple of things that I absolutely love love love...take a peek!

This little chicken planter was instant eye candy....I love the muted jadeite color...and look at the little bit of chippy red! Soooooo, CUTE! She currently resides on my kitchen window ledge.

Very Victorian looking stained glass window...lots of chippy white paint. I'm going to hang it on my bedroom wall.

My new fetish....chalkware! Isn't she just fabulous...also in my bedroom on the fireplace mantle.

Wow, could you depart with this three tiered rod iron stand...has marble finials. Currently in my bathroom....would look great with white towels!

And just for a little fun...this kidney shaped "EAT" sign which is hanging in my kitchen window. Again, love the jadeite color and all the chippy paint. LOVE IT!
So, what did you do all any treasures that you would like to share...send me a pic and I'll share it with everyone. I would love to hear from you :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little Show & Tell

I just love this pink medicine cabinet! I bought it to sell but just can't seem to part with it...for all your sellers out there, have you ever bought something to sell, brought it home and then can't part with it...well, I've got lots of those goodies sitting around my house! What I love about this medicine cabinet is all the chippy pink paint...and it's a real light pink with white paint peeking out from under the pink paint. I think the vintage hat on top just sets it off perfectly but I sold it and now I regret it...I think I'm going to start collecting old hats.

So what are you collecting? My fetish, at this momemt, is old hats with lots of millinery roses and chalkware..and of course, my old fav...oil paintings of roses...especially the ones with the black oil background...just makes the roses so real looking!