Friday, January 16, 2009

Cute Shop in Saint Micheals "Take Me Home"

When I go visit my parents in Easton, Maryland one of things I HAVE to do is go treasure hunting at "Take Me Home". Needless to say, something typically is taken! So if your going to Ocean City this spring or summer, make a little detour to the quiant little town of Saint Michaels and visit Regina at Take Me will not be disappointed...full of inspiration and lovely pretties! Regina was so kind to let me take pictures...

Take Me Home is located at:
216c South Talbot Street
Saint Michaels, Maryland 21663
Let them know the ShabbyVilla sent you their way :)
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shattered Dreams!

I'm a HUGE football fan...and the Redskins...or more like what most of us say around here "the Deadskins" are my favorite team! It should of been a clue when I accidentally dropped my Redskin shot glass on the granite kitchen counter and it shattered to pieces because last weekend my dreams of the Redskins going to the Superbowl, or at least to the play offs, came to a crashing halt when they lost to the Giants. Needless to say, watching football is not on my list of priorities like it typically is on Sunday coz my Skinny Skins are out for the here I sit blogging!

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours at my booth rearranging and adding new items. At the auction I got an old bike which I'm hoping to put on the wall as decoration...pretty cool, huh? Should be going over there today but feel so darn unmotivated. I'll get it done sometime this week and get some pics posted soon.
Tomorrow I start my exercise regiment because I sooooo need to lose the extra weight I gained from the holidays. I still want to get Wii Fit but I haven't found it yet. Just finished reading "Twilight" and started the second book. I thought it was a really nice light read and highly recommend it...has anyone else read it? I thought about going to see the movie but I'm always so disappointed when I read a book and then go see it at the movies. But, I heard the movie was pretty good. So, what are you reading...anything you would recommend?
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Sneak Peek" of my Booth

Just giving you a "sneak peek" of my booth at the Stuarts Draft Antique Mall. It's located in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Interstate 64 Exit 94 four miles south of Route 340. If you live close by come on by to see some awesome treasures. This is a before picture because I just rented additional space on Tuesday so I'll be adding more items this weekend. I'm heading to an auction tomorrow night so I'll have lots of goodies to show you!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday! More photos of the after will be coming!

Also I just listed these two beauties on ebay...come on I know you want to go take a peek...their going to the highest bidder because there is no RESERVE!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

" Meet Cali....My Rogue Cat"

Does she not look like the most precious little cat....WHAT A CUTIE...HUH?

Nope! She's "CAT GONE WILD"! Pooping wild that read that right...she's a lean mean pooping machine....and not in the least shy about where she does it either!

Around seven years ago my neighbor found her and brought her to my doorstep...I'm such a sucker and she knew all she had to do was bring her to my door step and viola she would be adopted. Hard to resist what a cutie she was and just a tinsy little thing, probably weighed about 2 pounds and could be held just in the palm of one of my hands.

The next day I took her to our vet to get shots and fixed...and was shocked when he said she was not a kitten but rather she was about two. Someone must of just dumped her off the side of the road...she had been fixed but was in real poor shape. For the past seven years Cali and I have been buds....where ever I traveled she went with me...she has moved twice with me and always maintains her wonderful demeanor....that is....until about a year ago! For the past year Cali has had pooping issues...bottom line, she hates the kitty litter box. Her favorite dumping grounds are beds..any beds will suffice but like all of us we have our favorites and hers tends to be our bed or the one in the little cottage. For example, yesterday she decided to poop right in the middle of our bed after I had just stripped the sheets for the wash. And, to top it off...right after I yelled and chased her around the house she went ahead and peed right beside where she pooped...this must of occured when I went downstairs to get some stuff to clean the poop up with. FRUSTRATING!

So...I guess my question is this...what the heck do you do with her...she's evidently is pissed ( a little pun on words about something but really nothing has changed.

She's done other things such as:

  1. Pooped in Kirk's shoes (twice...oh my was he angry when he put his shoe on)

  2. Sometimes she will poop in the kitty litter box BUT she poops the other way around so her poop lands on the floor and not the kitty litter

  3. Pooped on our dry cleaning bag

  4. Pooped on our nice brand new white bath mats...that's really great when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to step on

  5. Padded with her claws on Kirk's nice leather chair (OMG- It cost 2500) and now has little marks on the arm

Lotta pooping going on at the ShabbyVilla, are there other cats out there that have these issues...if so, what can be done? Please HELPPPPPPPP!