Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shattered Dreams!

I'm a HUGE football fan...and the Redskins...or more like what most of us say around here "the Deadskins" are my favorite team! It should of been a clue when I accidentally dropped my Redskin shot glass on the granite kitchen counter and it shattered to pieces because last weekend my dreams of the Redskins going to the Superbowl, or at least to the play offs, came to a crashing halt when they lost to the Giants. Needless to say, watching football is not on my list of priorities like it typically is on Sunday coz my Skinny Skins are out for the here I sit blogging!

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours at my booth rearranging and adding new items. At the auction I got an old bike which I'm hoping to put on the wall as decoration...pretty cool, huh? Should be going over there today but feel so darn unmotivated. I'll get it done sometime this week and get some pics posted soon.
Tomorrow I start my exercise regiment because I sooooo need to lose the extra weight I gained from the holidays. I still want to get Wii Fit but I haven't found it yet. Just finished reading "Twilight" and started the second book. I thought it was a really nice light read and highly recommend it...has anyone else read it? I thought about going to see the movie but I'm always so disappointed when I read a book and then go see it at the movies. But, I heard the movie was pretty good. So, what are you reading...anything you would recommend?
Have a great day everyone!

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