Wednesday, January 7, 2009

" Meet Cali....My Rogue Cat"

Does she not look like the most precious little cat....WHAT A CUTIE...HUH?

Nope! She's "CAT GONE WILD"! Pooping wild that read that right...she's a lean mean pooping machine....and not in the least shy about where she does it either!

Around seven years ago my neighbor found her and brought her to my doorstep...I'm such a sucker and she knew all she had to do was bring her to my door step and viola she would be adopted. Hard to resist what a cutie she was and just a tinsy little thing, probably weighed about 2 pounds and could be held just in the palm of one of my hands.

The next day I took her to our vet to get shots and fixed...and was shocked when he said she was not a kitten but rather she was about two. Someone must of just dumped her off the side of the road...she had been fixed but was in real poor shape. For the past seven years Cali and I have been buds....where ever I traveled she went with me...she has moved twice with me and always maintains her wonderful demeanor....that is....until about a year ago! For the past year Cali has had pooping issues...bottom line, she hates the kitty litter box. Her favorite dumping grounds are beds..any beds will suffice but like all of us we have our favorites and hers tends to be our bed or the one in the little cottage. For example, yesterday she decided to poop right in the middle of our bed after I had just stripped the sheets for the wash. And, to top it off...right after I yelled and chased her around the house she went ahead and peed right beside where she pooped...this must of occured when I went downstairs to get some stuff to clean the poop up with. FRUSTRATING!

So...I guess my question is this...what the heck do you do with her...she's evidently is pissed ( a little pun on words about something but really nothing has changed.

She's done other things such as:

  1. Pooped in Kirk's shoes (twice...oh my was he angry when he put his shoe on)

  2. Sometimes she will poop in the kitty litter box BUT she poops the other way around so her poop lands on the floor and not the kitty litter

  3. Pooped on our dry cleaning bag

  4. Pooped on our nice brand new white bath mats...that's really great when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to step on

  5. Padded with her claws on Kirk's nice leather chair (OMG- It cost 2500) and now has little marks on the arm

Lotta pooping going on at the ShabbyVilla, are there other cats out there that have these issues...if so, what can be done? Please HELPPPPPPPP!


Debra and Nicole said...

You poor thing. Try putting another litter box in your home. I know having two is not fun but sometimes it works.(I have had experience :) Also, think of what has changed in your household since this has started. A new pet, child, piece of furniture.....Have you changed the type of litter you use? That may give you a clue on how to stop it too. And also a trip to the vet to make sure she isn't sick is always a good idea. If she is healthy she may be unhappy about something. I hope I have helped a little. Now can you me get rid of my English Bulldogs gas problem? LOL Good luck.
~Debra of

The ShabbyVilla said...

Hi Debra, Thanks for the insight...I'm telling you nothing has changed in my household. I'm always bringing in new furniture so she's pretty much used to that. In fact, as I was writing the post yesterday I heard her actually pooping in the box....CATS.. go figure. You made me laugh about your bulldogs gas problem...I've got a chocolate lab with the same can get pretty stinky for taking the time to read my blog. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Va. neighbor. Just checking out your website & blog. I use to come to Stuart's Draft anitque mall but it has been over nine years ago. Your booth looks great.
Hope your kitty is doing better by now. My basil use to love to poop in the bathtub. Gave him a surprise several times but putting a little water in it which he was expecting. Never did break him of it but sadly he passed away at 14 years of age. His brother Tarragon made it to 20 years of age & at the last he wasn't too keen on using the litter box but preferred the hardwood floor in our bedroom room instead to pee.
Hope to get up your way this summer.
Vicki Pink Pearl Girl in Roanoke