Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago today I lost my husband, of 20 years, to cancer. Mike, was 48 years old and died within three months of being diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer). It devastated my son, Kyle who was 16 at the time, and myself (I was 40) and we thought our lives would never be the same again. This post is not intended to be sad, but to let you know two things: 1) If you have the slightest mole...GO TO THE DOCTOR...and have it removed. Melonoma is very treatable if detected early and, 2) For those of you that have lost a loved one and the agony of getting up out of bed every morning just seems unbearable...just know, there will be happiness again...each day you'll become stronger and one day you'll realize they would want you to be happy!! Yes, they will remain in your thoughts, BUT your life will get better no matter how bad things are today....that I can promise!

Antiquing, auctions and my wonderful friends & family were my salvation. This, in part, is the reason the Shabbyvilla exists today. Antiquing filled my void and kept my mind off the bad times and soon the days got more tolerable. Every day a little bit more light crept back into my life until one day I felt happiness. For the rest of my life I will think of Mike and know that he is at peace and that no matter what he would want me to be happy!

Take care,


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Behold the Beauty!

Hi blogger friends.... as promised, below are some pics of Erin's home. I previously highlighted some of her ebay items; please do yourself a favor and go visit her ebay items or blogspot called Simply*Shabby. When I asked her for some pics she said her house was no where near "shabby chic"....I beg to differ, what do ya'll think? I just love all the vignettes...

Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks again Erin...take care, Kerry

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quote of the Day!

Live your life in such a way
that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders & says...
'Oh shit....she's awake!!'

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Found Blogger/Ebay Friend

Yesterday, as I was viewing some of my favorite sellers on Ebay, I noticed one of my ultimate favorite sellers Erin, from simply*shabby had a blog . Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled and zipped on over to see what was happening and to perhaps see some pics of her home. I just knew it had to be gorgeous given the pictures she had taken for Ebay. Ya see, I don't just look at simply*shabby's Ebay items, I look at the entire photo including all the lovely knick knacks and beautiful furniture.... it truly is like looking at a magazine. Well, what I found is that Erin just started her blog. Given the ShabbyVilla is relatively new to the blogging world, I thought I would send her an email (no, I'm not a stalker...LOL) to welcome her to the world of blogging and to offer any assistance. As emails were flying back and forth, I actually got up the gumption to ask her if I could highlight her store and home on our blog. Erin was so kind and sent me some pics to share with ya'll. So, today, I'm showing you pics of her Ebay listings BUT she also sent me tons of pics of her home....I'll be posting them in a couple of will think you've died and gone to heaven. Erin's home is right out of Romantic Homes. If you get a minute, check out her ebay listings and definitely add her blog to your favs.....

Thanks again Erin...I feel as though I've met a new friend...isn't the blogging world fantastic, we get to virtually meet such talented and caring people we would of never had the pleasure of meeting before. Hope everyone has a good day! Take care, Kerry!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming Attractions....

I was getting things ready for this weeks Friday Flea Market and wanted to give you a glimpse of what's coming this week. I've also got lots of other goodies coming your way including two awesome chenille bedspreads (one is our favorite color PINK), chippy furniture, and lovely china.

Hope your having a great day. Take care, Kerry

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"FABBY" Eye Candy

Every once in awhile I go to D.C. to visit my client. Typically, on my long jaunt home, I make an effort to stop by some of my favorite antique stores. There are several stores that I don't get to visit often since I live so far away from DC. So, last week, like any other trek back from D.C., I popped into one of my favorite stores called the "Three French Hens" which is located in Woodstock, Virginia. As soon as I pulled up I got all giddy...there on the porch were all sorts of goodies just sitting and begging me to take them home! I just knew I had made the right decision to get off the Woodstock exit to do some "tiquing". Forget the laundry piled up at home or the dinner beckoning to be made....yep, I just knew I had made the right decision! Do they have such a thing as "antique anonymous"? If so, enroll me now...

As I wandered through the store drooling over all the wonderful treasures, I was fortunate enough to meet Sally, the owner. We got to chatting and I asked if I could take some pics to share with my blogger friends. I gotta tell you...if your in Northern Virginia....check it out -just FABBY! So, here are some pics of Sally's store. If you see anything you gotta have, please send me an email or give them a ring at 540-459-2070 and let her know the ShabbyVilla sent you. So, sit back and enjoy the eye candy!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour...Thanks Sally for letting me take pics of your store!

I've got some really awesome treats for you this week so come visit us on FFM. Everything from chenille bedspreads to chippy furniture! Have a good day :)