Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"FABBY" Eye Candy

Every once in awhile I go to D.C. to visit my client. Typically, on my long jaunt home, I make an effort to stop by some of my favorite antique stores. There are several stores that I don't get to visit often since I live so far away from DC. So, last week, like any other trek back from D.C., I popped into one of my favorite stores called the "Three French Hens" which is located in Woodstock, Virginia. As soon as I pulled up I got all giddy...there on the porch were all sorts of goodies just sitting and begging me to take them home! I just knew I had made the right decision to get off the Woodstock exit to do some "tiquing". Forget the laundry piled up at home or the dinner beckoning to be made....yep, I just knew I had made the right decision! Do they have such a thing as "antique anonymous"? If so, enroll me now...

As I wandered through the store drooling over all the wonderful treasures, I was fortunate enough to meet Sally, the owner. We got to chatting and I asked if I could take some pics to share with my blogger friends. I gotta tell you...if your in Northern Virginia....check it out -just FABBY! So, here are some pics of Sally's store. If you see anything you gotta have, please send me an email or give them a ring at 540-459-2070 and let her know the ShabbyVilla sent you. So, sit back and enjoy the eye candy!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour...Thanks Sally for letting me take pics of your store!

I've got some really awesome treats for you this week so come visit us on FFM. Everything from chenille bedspreads to chippy furniture! Have a good day :)


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