Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little Show & Tell

I just love this pink medicine cabinet! I bought it to sell but just can't seem to part with it...for all your sellers out there, have you ever bought something to sell, brought it home and then can't part with it...well, I've got lots of those goodies sitting around my house! What I love about this medicine cabinet is all the chippy pink paint...and it's a real light pink with white paint peeking out from under the pink paint. I think the vintage hat on top just sets it off perfectly but I sold it and now I regret it...I think I'm going to start collecting old hats.

So what are you collecting? My fetish, at this momemt, is old hats with lots of millinery roses and chalkware..and of course, my old fav...oil paintings of roses...especially the ones with the black oil background...just makes the roses so real looking!


Leslie Doughty said...

Hey Kerry,

I haven't heard from you - hope everything's okay. I love the pink med cabinet here. I was at your booth last weekend briefly - it looks great ! Shoot me an email soon so we can catch up.

Leslie said...

Love the pink medicine cabinet! Such a pretty shade of pink. I find things I am supposed to sell that I just love all the time. It is a good thing I have my daughter (my business partner) to set me straight or I wouldn't sell anything.Love your blog.

Tutti Chic said...

Oh I SO hear you on buying for customers & then not being able to part with certain things! My home is full of well intentioned goodies for my boutique that get lost somehow in my house! LOL! this medicine cabinet is FABULOUS Kerry! :) chris