Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disappearing Act?

So, here I was a good little blogger for awhile and then all of a sudden I disappear. Not to fear, I'm back. I had to go to San Fransisco for work for a week and then jaunted off to our lake house for some well deserved R&R. Now, it's back to reality. It's always so wonderful to go away, but I always dread coming back. My "to do" list is HUGE! I took some really great pics of the "painted ladies" in San Fransisco. If your not familiar with the "painted ladies" they are a row of stunningly beautiful Victorian homes. Just for a lark I took a peek at some homes for sale in San Fran and about died...let me tell you... a million bucks doesn't go far! Regardless, I still love it over here in Virginia. This will be a quickie post since I'll hopefully be posting tomorrow. I just want to say "Hello to everyone out there in blogger land.

Until then, take care...Kerry

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