Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Piddling....

It's just so hard to piddle
when three quarters of your stuff
is in another house...

But, take a look at my breakfast nook...its
no where near finished BUT
its a start
love the green and white together..
does it not scream
WICKER...one of my favs....so awesome!
More to come...
never in my life have I had bare walls
look at the walls in the backroom (my family room) and that GInormous TV
Need to hide it...what to do, what to do!
Soon, I'll add more treasures...
With each trip I bring more stuff..
one day the movers will come and it will be
In the interim, I work with what I have...
and piddle!

I'll be adding some items to the ShabbyVilla real soon....
so, I hope you come back and visit with me again..
JUST to say hello!


Anonymous said...

Loving the look. I love wicker too.
Can't wait to see more.

Barbara said...

Love it!

shannon i olson said...

absolutely beautiful.