Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late, for the FFM Date!!

I'm in the process of adding my FFM sale, check back shortly. Sorry, yesterday just got away from me...I'm super busy with my full time job and have some drop dead dates I have to meet in addition to just the everyday stuff. My day looked like this yesterday: Worked 9 hours, went to go workout at the gym (and ooooh I'm sooo sore), went to the grocery store, came home and mowed the grass (which is about 6 acres -needless to say I did not get it all done -after 2 hours I stopped), made dinner, took pictures for the FFM sale, and then it was 11 PM. So, I'm working on getting things posted right now...thanks for your patience! I've got some great items to share with you so please come back :) Thanks!

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