Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OMG~ I have a Dresser Fetish!

I didn't realize until I came home last night with a new (well, really old, but new for me) dresser that I have a fetish for hand painted dressers from the 1800s. Take a look at some of the ones I've purchased lately for my house. Dressers are just fantastic for decorating...especially in bathrooms, bedrooms. porches and sunrooms. Even though I have absolutely no room in my house for any more furniture I just can't stop buying them. But come on, this has never stopped me in the past so why start now...LOL...you can always find the perfect spot! Take a peek at some of my favs!

This little pink one sits in my doorway and is typically where I take photos of merchandise for the ShabbyVilla. Just love the pink roses and the door handles...YUMMY!

This black dresser, which resides in my bedroom, is very much like the pink one above but has a different painting style.

And lastly, I purchased this green dresser yesterday...aren't the pink roses 2DIE4...and the color just screams COTTAGE CHIC!

So...what do you think of my AWESOME dressers?
Psst....I have a secret in the upcoming months so stay tuned...it has to do with a big change in my life and in all liklihood will require me to edit some of my treasures...of course, if I decide to sell my treasures, I will offer them to you my friends.... see anything you like?

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