Thursday, August 11, 2011


We're gonna do some yard crawling this weekend!
Yep, getting up early Saturday morning to do some good ole' junking
that is, 43 miles of junking
it starts in a town about 5 miles from my house
I'm going to be in junking paradise
with all my cronies
I'm getting excited just thinking of it
this girl cannot get up early for work
for junking, I'll get up in the wee hours of the morning
good thing I work from home
ya know, the big girl job
the one that pays for all my junking!!
It's going to be so much fun...hopefully, Wilderness man will accompany me
he can drive while I scout the places along the highway
Gotta plan in mind
So are you envious yet?
Maybe just a tad?
Okay, we don't have all the cool shows like you do in
Texas, Seattle, and California
but, we have the YARD CRAWL!!
Wish me luck!

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