Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Who or what gives you decorating inspiration? I know, I know....magazines, books, blogs, and websites are ever so helpful in giving us ideas or as I say, gives me my fix! Yes, like you, I'm addicted to decorating magazines (it's taboo to throw any magazine away in my house...I have Country Living magazines that date back to 1995...yes, I know I have a problem...lol) however they just seem to temporarily fill my thirst for decorating. Nothing, my friends, compares to the inspiration that comes from one of my BFFs. Beth, my BFF and business partner, is the quintessential queen of decorating!! Her home is simply gorgeous....and what amazes me the most is no room remains the same....not little changes either, typically rooms have different furniture and decor! Take a look her home...I guarantee it will not look like this next week...I can hardly wait to visit!
Thank you Beth for sharing your gorgeous home with us! Love YA! Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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