Thursday, December 17, 2009

New House....New Decor!

I've noticed that my decorating style has been evolving for the past couple of years. Instead of darker colors I've moved to a more neutral palette giving the laid back relaxed feel that I love.l. My current home has a different vibe in every room..some with darker colors others that have the cottagey feel. This change to a more neutral tone was subtle... but looking at the items I've purchased for my home over the last couple of years it definitely showed that it either had to have chippy paint or rust. With that mind, I've been trying to determine paint colors and furniture for my new house. So, I've been searching ya'lls blogs and several different magazines to get a sense of what I want my new house to look keep in mind, this house is new...and, I've not lived in a new house for years so I've got to give it the look of an old house...that means obtaining some great architectural pieces to set the tone! Here are some pictures that I love and am using for my theme.

Next, I'll show you some paint colors I'm thinking about using in my living room...the painter is coming on Monday so I better get cracking and make the final decision...BUT, its soooo HARD! Anybody have a good paint color to share with me?

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