Friday, November 20, 2009

Auction Update....

I've been a little busy this week so I haven't had a moment to post about last weeks auction. As I thought there were tons of people and prices went sky high. To give you an example, the mantel went for $1150.00 which I thought would go for somewhere around $400.00 to $600.00 and the hooked rug went for over $300.00. I probably could of bought the chippy green trunk but my friend wanted it so I let her have it....she paid $70.00 dollars which I thought was quite reasonable. So what did I get...a boat load of feed sacks with cool advertisements, 2 German purses, a little chippy bench, a beat up farm table (its already in my booth), and some other nick knacks...nothing fantastic! I'll add some items to the store later on this weekend. Now, for the exciting least for me...there's another auction tonight! Yep, I went and took some pics to share with ya'll...but let me tell you, its not as good as the one last week. There's really not a lot of furniture however they had some good small items...take a peek and let me know what you think...

This cherub lamp is sooo much better than this pics.. a must have for your shabby romantic abode.

More cherubs...made in Germany!

There are two of these hooked rugs.
An assortment of porcelain posies from Italy.Lots of cherub clocks...Can't have too many chalkware statues...I already have this set so if I win the auction it will definitely go online...or perhaps to my BFF Beth....Little lamps with pink shades...see the yellow sticker with the number means there's already a bid on it...darn it!Lots of concrete statues....I like the blue chenille and quilt on the bottom.

I thought he was a hoot....and he is enormous...there's a huge fish as!Tea Pot from England...had an assortment of dishes and tea cups with it...not a whole set.

Another concrete statue

I'll post tomorrow on my finds...have a great weekend!

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