Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lil' Christmas Shopping

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Most of my friends are either done or only have a couple more items to pick up.......I'm sooo envious.....for once I wish I could get it done before Thanksgiving so I could perhaps enjoy the holidays....its always been a bit stressful for me. BUT this year ( I know I'm jinxing myself) I've decided to get a jump start on, don't get all excited, I just started last weekend....but still a monumental moment for me. Ya see, my problem, and not a bad one mind you, is that most of my family and friends don't need or want anything...a good thing really but bad when it comes to buying gifts. AND I really do not like giving money or gift cards because its so not personal....I love it when I find the perfect gift; its thrilling to watch them open their gifts and see the huge smile! So needless to say, it makes the holidays such a challenge. And get this...a good many of my friends and family are not into JUNK....I know, I know, hard to believe...are they CRAZY! Here are a couple things...and I mean a couple...that I've picked up along the way....

TJ Maxx has fabulous stuff...this Prep Bowl Set (3 Bowls) is awesome @ $7.99.
They also have the most amazing cards. These pics really do not do them justice. A box of 20 for $ years past I've spent a fortune buying a box of cards. These are 3D...Santa's hat, outfit and mittens are lifted from the cute.

Another TJ Maxx find....oh, these hats are 2DIE4...might have to go back and get me one or two! And only $12.99!This vintage rusty bank is the perfect find for one of my dearest friends...the more rust and dings the more she loves the item.

I have a couple of friends that LOVE, these little oven mitts were adorable...not only do you get the oven mitt, but brownie mix and recipe cards...and $5.00 at Big Lots. Do you have a Big Lots...if not, you are soooo missing out!

Hmmm, this exit sign might have to be a keeper....if not, its going to my twin brother...he loves advertisment pieces and signs just like me...go figure.

Another great little piece...perhaps one advertisement piece for my bro and one for me...hee, hee, hee...or should I say, Ho, Ho , Ho! Imagine this little baby in a bathroom full of soaps or makeup...yep, its convincing me to keep it...just say NO, just say NO...I'm trying girlfriends.

I don't know who I bought this little cutie patutie for but it had to come home with me...envision it on a chippy greenish blue kitchen hutch amongst ironstone pitchers and plates...hmmm, sorta like the one I have....That's it for now...any advice or ideas for perfect gifts would be sooo appreciated.

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