Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Domino Effect...

Have you ever purchased an item
and it turns into
one big HUGE project?
This piece did it for me...
now, I know it doesn't look like what
I typically buy for my house
it called to me...BIG TIME!!
It's really, I mean. really TALL...
my house is in total disarray!!
and get this....it's making me change my whole look and feel of my decor
no more PINKS and ROSES!!
Noooo, SAY it ain't so...
its sooo true!
BUT, I need to de-clutter and simplify
and so what does that mean I'm going to do with ALL my treasures...
Yep, I'm going to sell it...
and I'm tyring to list items daily or weekly
basically, as I get a free minutes..
good stuff too!!
I'll probably regret letting some stuff go
it's time!!
Does buying new pieces ever change your entire decor?
Here are some pics of my new look...

doesn't look like I decluttered, does it?

the roll up blinds replaced my barkcloth drapes with roses!

Whatcha think?
It's a work in progress!!
Hope your having a good day!!

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