Friday, January 14, 2011

Signs Your a True Junker....

Funny thing,

yesterday as we were moving a new piece of furniture into my house

the new beau (AKA...Wilderness Man...I'll explain later) said to me with a chuckle...

ever since I've known you all I've done is move furniture..

it made me laugh!!

Partly because it is sooooo true!!
If there's even the slightest doubt you have a serious decorating and junking problem..

answer the following questions...

and join...

Junkers Aanonymous !!
Believe me...your in good company!!

Here are some tell tale signs that you need to sign up....IMMEDIATELY!!

Do not pass go, Do not collect 200 dollars...just sign UP!! Drum ROLL PLEASSSE!

  • You have a truck for the sole purpose of junking
  • You can't park your car in the garage because your junk has taken over
  • You buy items to sell but they just don't seem to get to your booth (in fact, your new trinket has found a nice little spot on the mantle, or in the bathroom, or on the coffee table)
  • You dream of rearranging your house
  • You go to put items in your booth and come home with treasures from other booths
  • Your non-junking friends tell you that you have a problem or that your a

But this is when it really dawned on me...and this is a true story!!

During one of my many moves...

I not only have a junking problem...but I have a house fetish as well...

I've bought 4 houses over the past 7 years...

Funny thing is that any time I stay in a house for more than 2 years

my family starts asking me when will I be moving again...

secretly, I think its so they can all be out of town when the move occurs!

btw...I'm on the hunt for one right now..

No really...bad house market and all!!

BUT, I digress..

back to the story...

and this happened awhile ago..

So, there I am in my truck...heading to the new home..the truck loaded to the hilt..

envision, if you will...

Sandford and Sons!

I've almost made it to the new house..

mind you, the husband is waiting for my arrival...

and there it all its glory!!


my truck went on auto pilot...I swear it did...or at least that's my story

and I'm sticking to it!!

Yes, I did the unthinkable and went to go check out the auction that was in progress...

YEP- I sure did!!

How happy do you think my husband was when I got to the house a couple of hours later

and told him we needed to go pick up some furniture

at the auction house!!

Right then, I knew I was HOOKED!!

True story...

Funny- huh?

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